Aleksandar Kelić
МФФСС. Доцент на Факултету примењених уметности од 2012.г. Члан УЛУПУДС-а од 1997. године. До сада излагао на преко 200 групних изложби у земљи и иностранству и на 15 самосталних изложби. Добитник је УЛУПУДС-ове годишње награде за 2005. и 2011. годину.
Групне изложбе (Izbor)
1988 – Пети интернационални триенале фотографије, Фрајбург, Швајцарска
1996 – NIKON PHOTO Contest International, Токио, Јапан
2004 – Аспекти балканске фотографије, Солун, Грчка
Самосталне изложбе (Izbor)
2005 – Несавршена и незавршена прича, КЦБ Галерија АртГет, Београд 2011 – Шабац Гуча преко Кучева, Народни музеј Чачак, Народни музеј Шабац
Antoan Bozhinov
Antoan Bozhinov
was born in 1958 in Bulgaria. In 1984 he got his Master of Engineering degree and was given the title of artist photographer by the State Committee of Culture. He has participated in more than 100 joint exhibitions with more than 60 awards and 40 individual exhibitions. In 1999 he founded the Phodar Biennial (an international photography festival,
Antoan Bozhinov is a lecturer in the photography programs at Sofia University and New Bulgarian University.
Selective list of awards:
2007 – Photo of the Year Award, for photo-essay in Canon Bulgaria Photo Contest
2001 – Prize-winner in the contests of AGFA Multikontrast, Reponzes Photo and (France)
Boris Bajčetić
Boris Bajčetić

Born in 1974. in Belgrade, FA1 FSS, winner of the international photo competition "Fotofiniš" 2011. "His photographs are his vision of the world and reveal him as a man. Perfect compositions of photographs speak about the fact that the principle of harmony is crucial for him. His sense of humor and irony, but at the same time sympathy for found and photographed people as motives, are always present. You'll not be able to find cheap voyeurism on his photos. Even when Bajčetić takes photos of the dark side of life, his photos are elegant. It's nice to have that kind of a man as a friend." (Srđan Plavša Runde)
Branislav Brkić
Branislav Brkić
Branislav Brkić was born in 1960 in the town of Valjevo, Serbia.
Today he lives in Belgrade, he is a graduate electrical engineer.
He's interested in photography since 1977, and has been present at group exhibitions of artistic photography since 1980. So far, he participated in more than 400 group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, receiving more than 150 awards.
He has had 30 personal exhibitions in Serbia and abroad.
In FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art), he holds the distinctions MFIAP (Master FIAP), HonEFIAP and EFIAP/s.
He has been President of the Photo Association of Serbia since 2003.
He is a member of ULUPUDS since 2013.
He has a certificate EPSON Digigraphie for high quality printing of photos.
Burak Şenbak
BURAK ŞENBAK Born in 1965, Istanbul Turkey. Mechanical engineer with M.B.A. and freelance photographer. Lives in Istanbul, Turkey.
Secretary General for the period 2011-2013 and Vice President of the Board for 2013-20145at İFSAK (Istanbul Photography & Cinema Amateurs' Club – a non-profit association standing for 59 years).
Member of PSA (Photographic Society of America),
National Membership Director for Turkey.
Member of FIAP (The International Federation of Photographic Art),
Winner of more than 800 awards
2014, Received FIAP's EFIAP\b title.
2015, Winner of "YunusNadi Photography Award" of Cumhuriyet Newspaper, the most prestigious award of Turkey.
2017, His photographic profile and some of his works published at Prof. GülerErtan's book "Photography from 1960 to Today"
2015; His work "Cold" was chosen for COMMENDED LIST among 79.000 photographs from 171 different countries. The same work won "National Award" for Turkey".
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Cosmin Garlesteanu
My name is Cosmin Garlesteanu and Bucharest is my home. About ten years ago, for reasons that remain a mystery to me, I decided to buy my first camera. I started by photographing everything that seemed interesting to me; mostly typical landscapes, exercising compositions, and learning a few things about colours. My work just felt empty while viewing it. It was lacking that human factor. Gradually, I started to make efforts to centre my work around other people and attempting to capture their emotions and those brief moments of wonder.
By nature, I'm not a photographer that takes pleasure in being aggressive with his subjects. I don't want to be forward and disruptive. However, I realized that I had to get as close as possible to the subject to capture the intimacy. Fortunately, what better place than Bucharest to do that? A city with more than two million inhabitants that are both welcoming and caring. Romanians are famous for their hospitality, so why wouldn't they accept one of their sons into their lives?
Dragan Babović
My name is Dragan. I am Serbian, from Belgrade.
Among the huge number of photographers, there is also a large army of viewers.
If a little better focus your view, you can see that both – photographers and viewers are in fact one and the same people.

Dragoslav Mirković
Dragoslav Mirković EFIAP, MFFSS, ULUPUDS
I am a professional photographer and artist. I was born in 1946 in Soko Banja, Yugoslavia living in the Republic of Serbia. Photo exhibits since 1967 and so far I have participated in many group exhibitions – over 700 in the country and abroad (India, Bangladesh, China, Australia, Brazil, USA, Canada, England, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Iran, Cyprus, Turkey, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Singapore, Macau, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Ireland, Indonesia).

Ildar Sadikov
Ildar Sadikov
Practices photography since 2012. His inspiration: the sunny, beautiful and welcoming city of Tashkent (Uzbekistan), where he lives.
Genre: street photography, documentary photography. From the beginning, he knew these were the genres that fulfill him. Most of his works are black & white because he believes – as one of the legendary photographers said – "Only in the black & white photo lives the soul of the shot."
Ildar says that he doesn't take photos everybody will like; he rather photographs life as it is.

Moscow (2013/2014/2015/2016)
St. Petersburg (2015)
Tashkent (2013/2014/2015/2016)
London (2015)

New York (2016)
Prague (2018)
Awards: 35AWARDS 2015, category black & white photography
Imre Szabo
Imre Szabo

Year and place of birth. Mokrin, in 1956. Studied German Language and Literature of the Belgrade University. Published photos since 1974. articipated at over 200 exhibitions within the country and abroad, Professional photographer since 1980 as newspaper photographer – "Ilustrovana Politika", "Politika", "Intervju" and "Nin" He has worked as photography editor at the daily newspaper Danas. His photos were published in numerous significant international journals (Stern, Focus, Spiegel, Mond, Lexpress, Time, Newsweek, Herald Tribune, Le Nouvell Observateur… Hi is a member of ULUPUDS since 1985.
Lazar Leković
Lazar Lekovic

Solo exhibitions:
Student Cultural Center Gallery New Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia) 2015;
Euro center gallery (Belgrade, Serbia) 2013;
Some of the major group exhibitions, last a few years:
Visual DisOrder (Belgrade, Serbia) 2016;
I am not me (eXcentar Group, Instituto Cervantes, Belgrade, Serbia) 2016;
Photography Biennale, Photodistorzija – Zuccato Gallery (Poreč, Croatia) 2013;
Rendez – vous image, Salon Photo (Strasbourg, France) 2013;
Relazioni – Relationship, Fondazione Zoe (Italy) 2013;
Biennal IF, Aqüeducte (Barcelona, Spain) 2010;
Some of the most important awards, last a few years:
First Prize – Republic of Serbia Photography Exhibition (Belgrade, Serbia) 2016;
First Prize – Republic of Serbia Photography Exhibition (Cacak, Serbia) 2009;
First Prize – Trains 2015 (Kragujevac, Serbia) 2015;
Maja Stošić
Maja Stošić – Arandjelović
was born on July 14th 1975. In 2004. becomes a member of photo club "Paracin" and Photo Association of Serbia. Since 2020. has a title MF FSS in Photographic Associaton of Sebia and international title EFIAP in FIAP since 2015. Till today she took part at more than 220 international group exhibitions and won over 70 prizes for photography. She had two solo exhibitions – "Like a tempera" year 2008. and "Saved from Oblivion" was in several towns of Serbia since 2013-2015.

Mirsad Mujanović
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mirsad Mujanović
I started Exhibiting Photographs by forming the photo club in Travnik in 2006. During this period, thanks to my achieved results on photographs exhibitions around the world I received the highest local rank as Master of Photography by AUFBIH, on the international scene I received rank EFIAP.
Currently, I am a member of Arts Organisation of AUFBIH and a coordinator for awarding professional photography ranks here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
So far I participated in 232 exhibitions. Apart from Bosnia, my photographs were exhibited in Slovakia, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Saudi Arabia, France, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Argentine, Serbia, India, China, Russia, England, South Africa, Macedonia, Turkey, Canada, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Oman and Vietnam.
At these exhibitions, I won 129 recognitions among which are 49 first awards, 21-second awards, 11 third and 48 participations gratitude.
At the FIAP exhibitions, on the highest worldly photography scene, I participated 395 times with 166 different photographs.

Nguyen Vu Phuoc
Nguyen Vu Phuoc
Graduated from University of Fine Arts in 1991.
From 2013 till now, he has achieved 300 awards from international competitions that held by organizations, the Photography Federations in many country such as: US, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Serbia, Montenegro, …. His photographs were exhibited in many countries.
In addition to taking photographs for advertising and trading, the artwork of Artist Nguyen Vu Phuoc simply capture moments in daily life like sadness, happiness, the pain of all people from kids to the elderly as a part of his diary. He wishes to contribute to enriching Vietnam cultural activities.

Normante Ribokaite
Normante Ribokaite

was born in Dusetos, in 1968. The artist is one of the photographers of the Dusetos Art Gallery group (Zarasai Region, Lithuania). The artist has participated in group shows held both in Lithuania and abroad.
Awarded in the International Photography contests FIAP, PSA, MoL, IAAP, GPU, UPI: at Serbia, Makedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Egypt, Georgia, Finland, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, Azerbaijan, Australia, Japan, India, Tanzania.
The gold medal of San Francisco International Exhibition GALLERY PHOTOGRAPHICA – 2013 (USA).
Awarded of the 1st Edition of the Romantic Landscape FIER Institute Initiatives 2013 (Australia).
EX ARTE EQUINUS – 2013 Director's Award (USA).
Gold medal at the 71st, 74 st, 76 st Japanese International Photography salon Competition (2011, 2014, 2016 ).
The winner of Lithuania wildlife competition "Amber serpent" (2011, 2012, 2013).
Awarded at the exhibition-competition „Earth Day" (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 ) – Utena, Lithuania.
Was also granted a diploma established by the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers for her works displayed at the exhibition „Horse in Photography" (2008, 2010 ) – Dusetos Gallery of Art, Lithuania.
Since 2009 the artist has been a member of the club of photographers of nature Green Umbrella (Lithuania).
The photographer was granted the Honorary Diploma established by the National Photography Art Foundation for personal shows of artistic photography displayed successfully in Lithuania, in 2000-2006.
A member of Photographic Association Master of Light (cMoL)
Has organised nineteen personal photography exhibitions.
Lives and creates in Dusetos ( Zarasai Region, Lithuania).

Prof Dr Robert Semnic
Prof Dr Robert Semnic


Born in 1966, medical doctor and professor in radiology. I am in artistic photograpahy since 2003 with participation in national and international competitions with more than 20 awards. I had 7 independent photo-exhibitions. Frame 24 photo competition's jury member in 2016. Photo interests: street, portrait.

Sergey Kolyaskin
Sergey Kolyaskin

Member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia, a member of the Russian Geographical Society.

I was born in the city of Zlatoust, in the Southern Urals.
I am the holder of the gold medal of the International Photo Contest "Al-Thani Awards".
Gold club medal (photo club "Mirror") of the international competition Trierenberg Super Circuit.
As part of the Russian national team, he won the FIAP World Cup in photography.

Winner of the International Olympus Global Open Photo Contest 2015 in Japan and the British Embassy competition. Winner of three scholarships from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Twice winner of "Best of Russia" and twice winner of the contest "Young photographers of Russia" (2012 and 2017). The owner of the honorary award ribbon PSA from the Union of Photographers of America International Contest "Life Around Us"; honorary ribbon FIAP of the international competition BEREGA.
Winner of the international contest "Photovisa"; international competition "ADME photo Awards", the Russian competition "memory of Dmitry Morozov", the Russian competition "the memory of Alexander Efremov", the international competition "North – country without borders" (2 consecutive years), the Russian contest "Holy and valuable in Russia" "PhotoFest", the Grand Prix of the RZhD competition, the special jury of the memory Andrei Stenin International Photojournalism Competition, the winner of the Karl Bulla photojournalism competition, the winner of the British Embassy "Climate Change Around Us" competition, the international B & W CHILD Photography, 2nd place in the Berlin Biennale Biennale, Germany and others.
15 personal photo exhibitions were held.
Winner of the contest of multimedia projects of the contest "Young photographers of Russia 2012". Winner of the All-Russian film festival of short feature films "Meetings on Vyatka" two Silver frets and 1 place 2007, 2008, 2014gg.
Organizer of the photo club "Zerkalo", Chelyabinsk.
Creator and teacher of the author's photo school.

Siniša Skenderija
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Siniša Skenderija

I was born 1.6.1961. in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I finished elementary and high school in Vitez, and studied in Sarajevo.

So far, I have had 6 solo exhibitions.

I prefer photographing nature and landscapes, but by observing the world around me, I discover many other photographic challenges.

For life motto, I adopted the saying from Andy Rooney: "I've learned … That's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.

Srđan Dunđerović
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Srđan Dunđerović

Winner "Frame 24" 2016

Born in 1983 in Sarajevo, where I live today. I had graduated on the Faculty of Economics and now work in the banking sector. Married, with children. According to the mode, i can describe myself as photographer hunter, i am most comfortable while shooting documentary and street photography, but other genres are not strange to me. I am a member of Photo Club „Valter" Sarajevo and the Photographic Association for ART photo of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Winer at the 2016. Frame24.

Vlada Marinković
Vlada Marinković

Winner world Mensa photo cup

Born 8.7.1954. in Mostar.
Photo SIG Coordinator of Mensa Serbia
His works were published in "The Guardian", British "Digital Photo Magazine", "Raincoast Book", "National Geographic Srbịa", etc.
The first place in the world within Mensa World Photo Cup 2010.
Four photgraphs as a windows desktop wallpaper for Windows 7, Microsoft Serbia.
One the first and a few 2nd and 3rd awards for the best bird photo in Serbia.
The first place at the compettion "I see invisible", within "Night of Museums' 2010.
The first place at the competition "Priceless moment", organized by National Geographic Srbija.

Željko Đurić
Željko R. Đurić


Was born in Valjevo 1968.
A photographer since 1996.
MFFSS since 2013. He participated in 180 group exhibitions and 9 individual exhibitions
and won over 160 prizes for photography.

Ranko Đurović
Ranko Đurović


Between the tangible and the hidden …
between the substance and the incidence of …
These distances are where life takes place.
When life gives space (momentum) to the spirit and lightness of soul,
only then does the air fill the lungs. That is when a person is complete.